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The InkCase

Helping people with DCD be more independent

The InkCase is a phone case with an E-ink screen on the back, which shows the user’s schedule for the day, which shows what subject/activity he has at the moment, before this and the two after this.

The InkCase also includes a to-do list mode, which can be accessed by sliding the slider to the other side. In this to-do list mode, all the user’s tasks for the day will be loaded.

The interaction with the InkCase goes via the buttons above the e-ink screen.

Subjects, activities and to-do list items are loaded into the Inkcase via an application, this application can be accessed by the user and by the other stakeholders (like teachers and/or tutors).


Design Challenge

 “Design something for Jay to help him become more independent in his daily life, by helping him with organizing and remembering his daily activities.”

Comfortable design

Other than being useful, this phone case is also stylish. With the leather surface it will never be out of style!

Long battery life

Because an e-ink screen is used, the case will have a battery life of at least one month!

Sunken Buttons

The buttons of the case are sunken in. This way you can safely put it into your pocket or bag, without accidentally clicking the buttons

Shock protectors

Alongside the edges of the phone case there are two rubber strips that prevent the phone and the case from getting damaged in case of falling


Jay (fictional name) is a 16 year old boy suffering from DCD and autism spectrum disorder. Because of these conditions he has difficulties with writing and organizing. Jay’s hobbies are acting and IT and he likes going to school. 

Jay  gets help to remember the activities he needs to do. At home Jay gets the help to remember for example taking his medicines and doing homework, where at school Jay gets help from a PSA (People Supporting Assistant) who helps him with the writing and remembering which classes he has.

Interaction with the InkCase


To-do list

InkCase product video



“I love it, amazing!

I think this would be very helpful!"


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